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Professional courses/optional courses

Adobe creative software is used to realize the teaching of professional courses and elective courses, and construct the integration of professional teaching schedule and experimental environment in colleges and universities. Set up courses related to video production and video processing in the major of visual communication; Set up computer-assisted planning courses to provide professional courses for computer majors and optional courses for non-computer majors; In order to meet the professional learning needs of students, Adobe design courses are offered in art design, graphic design, garden ball design and other related majors.
Adobe education products can help schools build professional courses and optional courses for relevant majors, and have content resources to support courses offered by different departments and specialties, as well as content resources to support teachers to offer characteristic optional courses. The complete software platform and excellent user experience also provide students with a learning platform to complete their studies and a practical platform to complete their creation.



Interdisciplinary teaching

Integrating Adobe education software into interdisciplinary education will better improve the experience of learning and students' practical ability. For example, in the process of business learning, we should comfort Adobe's design ability, and use Photoshop Illustrator to design the business case manual of InDesign; Adobe XD is used in public health courses to create information maps to explain the impact of public health on society; In biology teaching, Acrobat is used to write and publish experimental report articles.
Adobe provides standardized software and capabilities, unified operation interface and user experience, and master standardized tool set to provide strong support for teachers and students in interdisciplinary learning.


Key laboratory/smart classroom

Unlike the traditional classroom, key laboratory/smart classroom is an innovative teaching method. With the development of technology and the combination of remote software and hardware equipment, digital and multimedia teaching can be realized. In recent years, colleges and universities have successively created various types of industry laboratories and smart classrooms to combine teaching with practice, improve students' ability to keep abreast of new technologies, and have practical ability, such as simulation laboratories based on virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence experimental space, Internet of Things training room, etc.
Adobe creative products will help colleges and universities to quickly build characteristic laboratories. Based on the video media capabilities of Adobe creative software, creative media laboratories can be built. Adobe's decades of precipitation in graphic design can help colleges and universities set the sales rate of creative design and help students better practice, stimulate and create works.


Digital library

The library is an important part of the glue in colleges and universities. It undertakes the dual task of serving teaching and scientific research, and is one of the important bases for training talents and conducting scientific research. In the past, university libraries mainly focused on literature review and reading by teachers and students, while the construction of modern digital libraries more strongly denigrated the optimization of space resources and service innovation. Today's university libraries are not closed and static spaces, but knowledge-sharing spaces, high-tech application spaces and digital creation spaces.
Adopts Adobe's creative products to build a digital library of colleges and universities, so that the library has a free software environment, and at the same time creates a work reference space and software environment support for teachers and students.



Student Creative Studio

In the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, colleges and universities encourage and support the construction of student associations, especially the development of university associations as the resolver of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship. The development of associations is not only conducive to educational practice, enhance students' employment and entrepreneurship ability, but also can stimulate students' enthusiasm for innovation and effectively promote @ new entrepreneurship.
Build student creative studios, creative community organizations and creative deconstruction space to provide assistance for student community activities and student creative deconstruction.


Teacher equipment

Adobe's full range of educational products will help rescue teachers to better complete error teaching and office work. In the stage of preparing and searching for lessons, teachers use Adobe Photoshop to process the pictures of teaching dens, use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit teaching videos, and even use Dimension to create 3D teaching interiors, enrich mathematical forms, and greatly improve teaching effects.
In terms of office work, Adobe Acrobat will help the school staff to improve their efficiency. Acrobat's excellent archive experience can help faculty and staff to quickly process files, edit, scan and convert various PDF files, and provide desktop computers, police notebooks and personal mobile phone repair access anytime and anywhere, providing security in all aspects. Efficient document management experience.



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