Adobe Partner Live Live Preview: Design More Than One Side
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Adobe Partner Live Live Preview: Design More Than One Side

Adobe Partner Live Live Preview: Design More Than One Side

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, we have the Adobe online live sharing event in the third quarter of this year. We have carefully prepared for this event, which will definitely bring you a different experience~

1. Live broadcast time: July 26, 2019 (Friday) 20:00-21:30

Speaker - Ren Xingxing (founder of Mengxi Academy, judge of China's top ten designers competition, director of curriculum development of Yibang Vocational School, formal students: 400+ works popularity: 13 million+ total number of fans: 80,000+)

Live preview: Ren Xingxing, the No. 1 full-stack designer on, focuses on practical cases, analyzing and analyzing design ideas, design methods, design skills, color matching, and theme expression and other advanced design methodologies. Flatness and sophistication in typography. Instructors will share PSD files for free! ! !

2. Registration method:

1. Open the web site:, click Adobe Partner Live a Live Preview: Experimental Design - The Versatility of Design, Sign Up.

2、Scan the QR code below on the mobile terminal to register, the number of places is limited, hurry up and register!


Adobe Partner Live Preview: Experimental Design - The Versatility of Design


3. How to watch the live broadcast: After registration, the live broadcast time starts:

1、 Open the web or mobile live broadcast URL:

2、The mobile terminal can also recognize the QR code and enter the live broadcast room to watch



Adobe Partner Live

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